You received an invite to a Housewarming Party! An exciting event for the homeowners; a stressful one for those who have to think of a gift to take with them.
How to Choose the Right Gift

The logic would say that if someone has just moved into a new place, they would have all the essentials. Therefore, the best gifts for housewarming parties would be:

  1. Trending appliances;
  2. Homeware that the homeowners may want but not necessarily need;
  3. Specific gifts according to the likes of the homeowner;

So, how and where can we find such gift options? Easy! Our store in Qormi is your go-to place for any House Warming Party. And, if you’re not convinced, here are some suggestions to help you out:

1. Trending Appliances:

Noting to explain here, the name speaks for itself!

2. Wants not Needs
  • For those who love their house to be clean at all times, there can never be enough cleaning equipment. You can head over to our floor care section where apart from the Robot Cleaner, you will find window cleaners and vacuum cleaners of all shapes and colours.
  • On the other hand, if the house warming party is for someone who enjoys getting his/her hands dirty in the kitchen, then you need to choose something like a slow cooker. You can also, visit our kitchen section for more ideas.
3. Specific Gifts
  • For someone who puts personal care as a priority, gifts that help with grooming and keeping up appearances will always be appreciated. However, after the expense of buying and filling a house, it might not be top priority. Going to a housewarming party with such a gift will definitely put you on top of this person’s favourite people list!
  • We all have a friend or relative who loves keeping fit, and as we’ve heard several times, you are what you eat. So, why not make their lives easier by giving them a top-quality blender. We’re sure they’ll remember you the next time they’re preparing their morning smoothie!

We hope this short, list of gift ideas has helped you decide what to get as a gift. Feel free to contact us on +356 2279 4205 to check if we have the gift you’re looking for in stock. Otherwise, head over to our shop in Canon Road Qormi and you will certainly not leave empty-handed.