The idea of refrigerating food is to keep it fresh for longer. Therefore, it is important that when looking for your fridges and freezers in Malta you look for ones with top technology. Such appliances can be found in our Liebherr collection, patented with Biofresh Technology.
How BioFresh Works:

The BioFresh Technology in fridges and freezers is there to allow your food to maintain all its nutrients for longer. As a result, your food keeps all of its flavour while remaining rich in vitamins and minerals. On top of that, freezers are set to just a little bit over 0°C. This is proven to keep the quality of the food better, for longer. Considering how hot our summers can be, such technology is essential. So, when choosing your fridges and freezers in Malta, we recommend finding ones that offer these possibilities.

Humid and Dry Conditions in One Appliance:

In addition to having temperatures set perfectly, you also need to know that low temperatures alone, won’t save your food. For example, certain foods like dairy products, meat and fish need dry conditions. On the other hand, fruit and vegetables survive in a more humid climate. So, how will your fridges and freezers manage? Standard appliances may not be able to give you all of this. However, Liebherr fridges and freezers come equipped with a slider that resolves these issues by creating a sort of freshness safe within the drawers.  This slider provides Hydrosafe or Drysafe conditions that you can change according to your requirements.

Fridges and Freezers with Multiple Climates:

BioFresh Technology can work in 2 ways:

  1. If you want the humidity level to go up you can set the appliance to Hydrosafe. Such a feature would be especially essential during the summer months. In Malta, we always pack our fridges and freezers with fresh fruit and vegetables during this time…And who doesn’t want them to remain intact for as long as possible? The answer is simple. No one!
  2. If you want to lower the humidity level, then you simply open the slider in the part where you’re storing other food items. This turns the compartment into a Drysafe. This can store all types of meat, fish and even cheeses optimally for days! We know that here in Malta people enjoy BBQs, lunches or dinners with family or friends. So, having an appliance that can store all the food you need, in perfect conditions would be a blessing!
Why Flamingo has the best options for Fridges and Freezers in Malta:

In summary, here at Flamingo, we understand that appliances are there to fit with your lifestyle. It is for this reason that we have brought Liebherr fridges and freezers in Malta…To keep your food fresh and to keep you satisfied!

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