Exclusive fixed wall mount for LED/ LCD/ Plasma screens with a uniquely modern design and a very low profile, for weight up to 132 lbs/ 60 kg. Especially designed for Ultra Slim screens, allows attaching the TV extremely close to the wall. Enables positioning the screen in 3 height positions after installation, as well as lateral adjustment, to achieve the perfect viewing position. Quick and easy installation, Includes fall proof mechanism.
Sold in color metallic black.
Lifetime warranty.

Very Low profile hangs like a picture very close to the wall.
Fits LCD mounting holes up to 900X400mm (VESA & Non VESA).
Fits narrow screens. Wall plate rail is made of two parts. use one for small screens.
Compatible to Ultra Slim screens up to 56″ and to standard screens according to their weight.
Also compatible for LED screens and larger screen sizes, where their specifications comply to the mount.
There may be screens which require further distance from the wall in order to allow room for cables to connect. In this case – choose another Barkan Mount or contact customer service in our website.