Product details: · Powerful upright and 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner, excellent usability: upright, handheld and electric broom. · 360º technology so that the vacuum cleaner’s weight relies on the top part, allowing you to clean comfortably and to reach the highest spots in your house. · Immortal Battery system that reaches a 65-minute range and reduces the charging time. · UltraThunder technology for maximum suction power thanks to its 29.6-V battery and its powerful cyclonic technology. · HEPA filter, capable of removing allergens and blowing out cleaner air. · BrushPower System with detachable motorized brush that removes the most stubborn dirt from mats and carpets. · Removable Ion-Lithium battery that doubles the vacuum cleaner’s service life. · Bagless cyclonic technology that maintains suction power as the first day. · Suction base with 180º Twisted technology that allows it to tilt 180º. · 2 operating modes: – Turbo mode: maximizes suction power. – Eco mode: lengthens the battery’s service life and saves energy. · 0.7-litre great tank, hygienic and easy to empty. · Its suction base is adaptable to hard and soft floors thanks to its motorized brush and its accessory for mats. · LED display that shows the battery status. · Only weights 3.8 kg for you to use it without problems. Composition: · 3-in-1 upright vacuum cleaner · Accessory for corners · Accessory for furniture · Accessory for storage · Suction base holder · Power adapter