4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner. Smart and predictive navigation, iTech Laser 360º, Scrubbing system and interactive map, selection of zones and restricted areas. Product details: · 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs. · Smart iTech Laser 360 navigation. The robot scans and maps your house through a 360-degree recognition. Plans the quickest, smartest, most efficient and organized cleaning. · Scrubs for you! Scrubbing system, professional results due to smart scrubbing. · The robot maps your whole house before starting cleaning, saves it and searches the quickest and most efficient route. · Its cleaning by areas allows selecting the rooms you want it to clean. · Set restricted areas with limits to block areas which you do not want the robot to clean. · Choose the cleaning mode of a specific spot for the robot to clean that specific area in the map. · Schedule it weekly, control the robot easily, view the spot cleaning record and time, check the interactive map through the laser technology, detect the charging base, set restricted areas, cleaning areas and spot cleaning. · Turbo Clean Carpet system that activates the turbo mode in carpets. · Absolute Implode system: great power suction, up to 2000 Pa. · UnlimitedCleaning technology: the robot automatically returns to the charging base when it runs out of battery, charges its battery and resumes the cleaning process until it finishes it. · 10 cleaning modes: Area, Restricted area, Spot cleaning, DeepCleaning, Auto, Edge, Scrubbing, Spiral, Manual and Back home. · Twin Floor mop made of 2 materials to carry out perfect cleaning over all types of surfaces. · Remote control and LCD display. · All-Timetable: can be scheduled 24/7. · Brush Pro technology with main brush to remove the most stubborn dirt. · Remote control and LCD display. Composition: · Robot vacuum cleaner · Charging base · 2 side brushes · 1 main brush made of bristles and silicone · 1 EPA filter N.º 05139 x2 x4 x2 N.º 05148 x2 x2 · 2-material mops (x2) · 1 auto-cleaning brush · Dust tank · Wet tank · Remote control · Batteries · Power adapter · Instruction manual · APP instructions