Ventilador de torre digital de 26 W y sin blades de 38”’, 9 velocidades,
temporizador de 8h, motor de cobre DC y con oscilación.

Product details: · AirBladeless: innovating technology without blades that takes in environmental
air and redirects it, creating a powerful refreshing air flow very fast.
· ForceSilence Technology: instant profound feeling of
fresh air with maximum silence and comfort.
· MinimalDesign: well-cared minimalist design, 96-cm tall (38”) with elegant lines that
adapt to your home’s decoration. It is also light to improve its transportation and storage.
· 9Speed Function: 9 speeds to adjust air flow intensity to each of your needs. · CopperEngine: exclusive motor made of 100 % high-efficiency copper, completely
reliable and maximum durability. It incorporates ThermoSafe security system
to lengthen the fan’s service life and to avoid incidents and faults.
· ControlTotal: remote control to use all the fan’s parameters
and schedule it simply and easily.
· CoolTimer: programmable timer of up to 8 hours, time after which the fan turns
automatically off for maximum comfort during use and to save energy.
· Health&Safety: the fan complies with environmental safety and protection
current legislation, so you can take care of your people and your environment.
· EasytoMove: easy to transport and to store thanks to its handle.