3-blade ceiling fan, 52”, 70 W, remote control, 3 speeds,
2 in 1 (lamp) and timer.

Product details: · ForceSilence Technology: creates an instant profound feeling
of fresh air with maximum silence and comfort.
· AeroBlades: system composed of 3 large, innovating and aerodynamic blades,
designed to maximize air flow and ensure constant fresh air flow.
· SmartControl: smart fan control thanks to its remote control, intuitive, useful and easy to use. · AirFlow Advance: technology capable of generating a totally-fresh environment in the
most efficient way and with minimum consumption, cutting back on your electricity bill.
· DoubleSystem 2-in-1: the fan has a lamp that turns it into a useful hybrid unit. Enjoy
light and a perfect environment at home in the most economical and effective way.
· 3Speed Function: choose between its 3 operating speeds (low-Night, mediumEco y high-Turbo) in order to adjust the air flow intensity to your needs. · PowerWind: powerful, 70 W, with high-performance motor
that increases air flow and freshness feeling.
· CoolTimer: the timer can be set 1, 3 or 6 hours, time after which the fan turns
automatically off for maximum comfort during use and to save energy.
· ElegantDesign: modern and well-cared design with elegant
lines that adapt to your home’s decoration.
· SecuritySystem: integral security system that prevents any incidents from happening during its use. · Health&Safety: the unit complies with environmental safety and protection current legislation. · AssemblyKit: includes kit with all necessary elements for you to assemble the fan as easy as possible.

Composition: · Fan main body · Instruction manual · Remote control