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Cecotec Conga Windroid 870 Window Robot Cleaner (Code: CE5035)

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Cecotec Conga Windroid 870 Window Robot Cleaner (Code: CE5035)

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  • Cocotec 05035
  • Smart glass-cleaning robot: cleans and dries windows for you.
  • Suctionpower: thanks to its powerful suction pump remains attached to the window. Cleans automatically by just pressing one button.
  • AI Technology: equipped with artificial intelligence in order to calculate the ideal route, detect the windows edges and clean the surface completely.
  • 3 automatic cleaning programmes, in order to clean your window from anywhere.
  • Cleans every type of surface: glass panes of any thickness, tiles, flat surfaces and both inner and exterior windows.
  • Cecotec Security System.
    • UPS: uninterruptible power supply that stops the robot from falling to the floor when the power goes out.
    • Anti-fall control algorithm: detection of obstacles and door frames.
    • Resistant safety rope with carabiner: up to 150 kg.
  • AutoStop System: stops automatically at the end of the cleaning session.
  • Eco-friendly: high-quality reusable micro-fibre mops. 2 cleaning modes: wet and dry cleaning, withspecialised products.
  • Remote control that includes manual control of the robot.
  • High cleaning speed and suction power: 4 min/m² y 80 W.
  • Silent cleaning.
  • Useful handle for an easy grip, with a switch.

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Smart glass-cleaning robot Conga WinDroid 870.
12 micro-fibre cloths.
1 safety rope.
Remote control.
AC adapter.
1 extension cord.
Instruction manual.


2 years (Parts and Labour)

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