We were asked by Scholtes to make a statement series of kitchen appliances that would help revitalise the brand. Our solution was Scholtes Attitude. The aim was to give the top-line series a professional feel, and at the same time a visually minimalistic look, that would fit nicely into your kitchen.

Built-in ovens tend to leave almost no room for the drawer underneath. Within traditional oven mechanical architecture, there is an interface plate above the oven room. This feature adds extra and unnecessary height to the oven. By moving the interface panel to the oven door and integrating it onto the handle, we reduced the height and gave room for a decent drawer below the oven instead.

The angled interface surface of the handle is carried over to the induction top, the gas top and the other parts of the series. The gas top looks like a floating, borderless work plate of cast iron. It combines the professional feel with a homely clean look. The burner knob is arranged directly in line with the burner leaving no room for misuse. The knobs are angled so they can safely be operated and monitored. From a distance you can see if the knobs are turned on or not.

We have changed the interface of the induction top from traditional numbers to more logical indicators. The ring of each hotspot is gradually filled with red as the heat is turned up. Different, poetic and very logical.